About Us


Sleaford Natural Health Centre is a beautiful and tranquil place right in the centre of Sleaford. Set in private gardens, well back from the road, yet so convenient and easy to find, central to Lincolnshire with good road and rail access. Walking under the archway to the Centre you experience a totally different world away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives in the 21st century.

Your treatment begins as you enter our gardens and relax in the Centre, away from the stresses and strains of your life. Here, the emphasis is on you, the patient, not just the condition you have. Rather, how and why you have become who you are today, so as to find and treat the root cause of your illness, allowing you to heal naturally. This approach breaks through blocks and helps to prevent the recurrence of old patterns, so becoming preventative medicine as well. We aim to provide more than just symptomatic relief.

Natural healing enables you to heal yourself, giving control of your health back to you so you can reach your full potential in body, mind and spirit. Giving you an overall sense of well being.

As you are unique, the treatment and advice you receive will be individual to you. As complementary medicine is a two way process, our practitioners also look at your lifestyle, diet, work, home and family life and medical history. Advice and assistance are given where appropriate.

Sleaford Natural Health Centre provides a comprehensive range of professionally qualified complementary medical practitioners to fulfil all of your health needs, whether emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. With the patient's permission, the practitioners will work together, to provide the most appropriate and optimum care for you.

Sleaford Natural Health Centre is a harmonious, supportive, healing environment dedicated to you.

Symptoms Commonly Treated Include:

· Allergies
· Arthritis
· Asthma
· Anxiety
· Back pain
· Eating disorders
· Depression
· Headaches
· Fertility
· Insomnia
· Irritable bowel or bladder
· Joints
· Migraines
· Menopause
· Muscle aches and pains
· Pregnancy conditions
· Sciatica
· Sinusitis
· Skin conditions
· Stress
· Tiredness

All of our practitioners are fully qualified and are members of professional bodies relevant to their therapy, such as the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), General Osteopathic Council (GOC), Sports Massage Association or International Council of Holistic Therapists (ICHT). This means that they have Codes of Practice, Conduct and Ethics to comply with and have public liability insurance. They are also required to have continuing professional training. This also means that a private health scheme may pay for some or all of your treatment.

Whatever your condition,
Chronic or acute;
Emotional, mental or physical;
You don't have to put up with it.

Change your life for the better.

for an overall sense of wellbeing.