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Sports Massage

Sports Massage can be used to aid recovery from injury or an event, or as part of a long term training programme. It's not just for elite athletes or the average club player, but can be used by anyone with a muscular injury.

It is a form of massage which focuses on muscle systems used in activity. The techniques used can aid reduction of soreness and help enhance power, endurance and flexibility.

There are a number of benefits to having sports massage within training, pre/post-event, and recovery. However, sports massage should not be underestimated in the treatment and prevention of injury. This is not just within a sporting context, but also in terms of posture, occupational factors and other forms of stress.

Start now on the road to recovery and to better health.

Remedial Massage
Deep tissue massage to soften and soothe that tension away. Back, neck and shoulders (30 minutes)

Swedish Massage
Full body massage, deeply relaxing and soothing (60 minutes)

Mini Massage
Little time to spare? Back, neck and shoulder massage (20 minutes)

Give your feet a break. Surprising and blissful massage (45 minutes)

Aromatherapy Massage
Blended oils to soothe you and your senses. Tailor made to help skin tone and condition (90 minutes)

Indian Head Massage
Head, neck and shoulder massage to relax or stimulate (45 minutes)

Regular massage is known to be of benefit with the following conditions:
· Muscular aches and pains
· Stress, muscle tension and muscle injury
· Sprains, strains, cramp and sciatica
· Tired legs and feet
· Joint mobility
· Headaches and migraines
· Anxiety and depression
· Sleeping difficulties, insomnia, low energy (lethargy)
· Digestive problems
· Improving circulation


For further information on how Massage can help these conditions, please see the articles in our News section.

Start now on the road to recovery and to better health.