Food Energetics


Food is a vitally important factor in our health. It is the first medicine in the Chinese tradition and has energetic values that can work with our constitution to heal us. A Chinese medical diagnosis can help you to understand what foods will benefit or hinder your health. As we are all individual, there is not one diet for all. Indeed, different foods, cooking methods and eating habits suit different people and different times of year. It is important to eat high quality, seasonal and local food to be in harmony and balance. See the articles in our News section for more information.

At Sleaford Natural Health Centre we are especially interested in this aspect of Chinese Medicine as it enables the patient to take control of their own health. Throughout treatment, we give advice and help to patients in how to help themselves in this way.

The energetics of food is particularly useful for assisting fertility and conception care. The quality of food preconception and during pregnancy is vital for the health of the developing foetus, ultimately helping to determine the health of that individual.

Exercises and breathing techniques are also provided to teach you how to strengthen and support your body and emotions.

Learning these techniques enables treatment to be a two way process and gives you more confidence in your ability to take control of your health and your life.


For further information on how Food Energetics can help the conditions listed in this diagram, please see the articles in our News section.